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 FreeSyle Lite boxes have an expiration date of 2018/05 or after

 Unless indicated all boxes have 2018 expiration dates  

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Accu-ChAek Aviva Plus

    100 Ct Box

Accu-Chek Aviva Plus

           50 Ct Box

OneTouch Ultra Blue           100 Ct Box    

OneTouch Ultra Blue

      50 Ct Box

FreeStyle Lite

    100 Ct Box


  FreeStyle Lite

         50 Ct Box

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Temporary out of stock - See affiliate >

Temporary out of stock - See affiliate >

Temporary out of stock - See affiliate >



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63% off Walgreen’s price - Same Quality Strips

20% of our net profits will be set aside for researching a cure for  diabetes

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Accu-Chek SmartView

           50 Ct Box

These expire 6-30-2018




These expire 5-31-2018

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Please read:  Because our prices are a bit lower than most we find it hard to maintain a good supply of the quality boxes that we like to sell so when we are out you can usually still get really good deals on our affiliated sites*  We do not make any quality claims for these off site boxes but do know that there is still money to be saved and better than going without or paying full retail.  Remember, you pay for the affiliated items on their sites, including shipping.  


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